Craftsmanship, knowledge and patience

Brewing OMER. is a process that mainly requires craftsmanship, knowledge and patience.

On this page, you can follow our brewers through the complete brewing process.

The base of OMER.

Our brewers expertly select the highest quality ingredients, such as high-quality malted barley from the Loire region (France) and three varieties of aromatic hops.

From the brewing hall...

By grinding the barley malt (breaking up the grains, so that the starch can be released) and mixing it with pure water, a mash is formed which is the basis of OMER.

Step by step, the mash is heated in our authentic copper brewing kettles. This is necessary to convert the starch, which is present in the barley malt, into natural sugars.

The excess particles of barley must be filtered out. What remains is the wort: a sugar-rich, clear liquid. That wort is then boiled for an hour and a half. During the cooking process, the brewer adds 3 carefully selected types of hops from Germany, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. These provide OMER.’s specific hoppy aroma.

The excess particles of barley malt must be filtered out.

What we have left after filtration, is called 'wort'.

During the boiling proces, our brewer will add 3 kinds of hop, which give the specific hoppy aroma's to the beer.

... to the fermentation cellar.

The wort is now ready to be pumped into the fermentation cellar. For OMER., a specific high-fermentation yeast is grown in the brewery, with which we inoculate the wort.

The yeast takes about 4 to 5 days to convert the sugars into alcohol, CO2 and the typical fruity components of OMER. At the end of the fermentation process, the young beer is cooled down to 2.5°C to settle the yeast. Our brewers can then conveniently harvest this yeast and store it for use in a subsequent brew!

Resting a little while in the lager cellar…

Before being bottled, the beer rests for 3 weeks in the lager cellar at a temperature between 0°C and -1°C, during which it can mature further and develop its unique taste.

… before the bottling process.

OMER. is a high-fermentation beer that undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle. That means we have to add a minimal amount of extra sugar and some fresh yeast at bottling.

Refermentation in the bottle.

The bottles then remain 2 weeks in warm rooms specially designed for OMER. There, the beer undergoes refermentation at a constant temperature of 25°C in order to obtain the typical taste, along with the desired CO2 and alcohol content.