The OMER. Tour of 2019

OMER. Traditional Blond Tour 2018 Collage

Just like the years before, OMER. Traditional Blond goes on tour this year. From the 30th of March until the 18th of October 2019, the authentic beer carriage will drop to various Belgian and Dutch cities to put both the beer and the brewery in the spotlight.

The beer carriage, dating back to the early 1900s, is preceded by 2 beautiful Shire horses and is often described as the OMER. horse and carriage. This cart travels through the city center from 2PM to 6PM and halts at 4 pubs. If you happen to be present in one of those establishments, you will of course be treated to a free fresh OMER. Traditional Blond! Also Mr. Omer will be there and will be happy to tell you how this blonde specialty beer is made and of course how the brewery has been active for 5 generations!

Do you also want to meet and taste the brand OMER.? View the different dates and participating cities here and who knows we will soon be in your neighbourhood.

PS: we will announce the names of the participating catering businesses in advance on our Facebook page. So you always know for sure where to find usl!