1 name, 5 generations.

The name OMER. stems from an era before brand names were used. When Omer Vander Ghinste started the brewery in 1892, he gave his beers his own name, as this was common in those days. He promoted his beers by placing stained glass windows with the words “Bieren Omer Vander Ghinste” in the front windows of the pubs. As these windows were very expensive, it was no option to replace them at every change of generation. Therefore every firstborn son was baptised ‘Omer’.

The brewery was successively managed by Omer (1892-1929), Omer Remi (1929-1961) and Omer (1961-2007). Today the management and the well preserved secrets are in hands of Omer Jean Vander Ghinste. His son, Omer Géry, recently made his entrance in the brewery in 2019, securing future continuation. Check out the video below to learn our family history!

What about the handmade stained glass windows? They are still present in the street scene and have been the inspiration for ‘the look and feel’ of OMER. Traditional Blond.